Finding Balance

For me, the most memorable kitchen creations are those which bring together contrasting flavours which balance each other out.  In my constant quest for something a little bit different, I find much inspiration in taking simple recipes to which I … Continue reading

Dark Chocolate Ginger Bundt Cake with White Chocolate Orange Cardamom Ganache

Gingerbread is one of those cakes that always underwhelms me no matter how good it is. Despite having tasted many fantastic home-baked and bought varieties, I would never choose a slice of gingerbread over something else. Until now. Take that … Continue reading

White Chocolate & Chilli Blondies

I have a new obsession: hot chocolate. And I don’t mean the rich tisane to which this commonly refers; I mean the marriage of chocolate with spice in the form of cakes and confectionary. I know this concept isn’t new … Continue reading

Butterscotch Praline White Chocolate Biscotti

I like the classy ease of having a jar of homemade biscotti in the kitchen. It makes me feel European and sophisticated, like my favourite Italians, hee hee. On mornings when I am dashing out the door, it’s lovely being … Continue reading

Strawberry & White Chocolate Buttermilk Muffins

  It’s strawberry season … and although I usually pair white chocolate with raspberries, the abundance of beautiful berries available prompted me to try this combination. It may sound awfully sweet but the secret of these muffins is the buttermilk, … Continue reading

Raspberry & White Chocolate Scones

Raspberry & White Chocolate Scones

  When I was a kid, there was only one kind of scone we ever ate as a family. The traditional British scone: small, round, golden, sometimes studded with fruit and often with a fluted edge. Made to be split … Continue reading