Hot Oats

I just can’t leave well enough alone. Even the humble, hearty, simple flapjack isn’t safe from my compulsion to add a ring of heat to everything sweet that I make. I tried to keep it low key with this one: … Continue reading

Ginger, Pepper & Caramel … Christmas is coming!

As the Yuletide lights begin to glow around the edge of these dark, cold November days, I decided to get myself into a pre-emptive festive spirit by turning my recent obsession with ginger into a rich, grown-up spiced cookie, complete … Continue reading

Plum & Ginger Cake

Deep purple and golden brown: aren’t they two of the most beautiful colours in the land at this time of year? I love the crackling reds, the slightly singed orange, the sombre yellows of autumn … but when I spot … Continue reading

Dark Chocolate Ginger Bundt Cake with White Chocolate Orange Cardamom Ganache

Gingerbread is one of those cakes that always underwhelms me no matter how good it is. Despite having tasted many fantastic home-baked and bought varieties, I would never choose a slice of gingerbread over something else. Until now. Take that … Continue reading

Simone & Mike

My dear friend Simone recently got married to Mike at The Balbirnie House Hotel. Although I was there to enjoy their day as a guest, instead of as official photographer, naturally I had my camera ready to fire at odd … Continue reading

Very Inspiring Blogger Award

Sweetest thanks to Sheila over at Sweet Baked Life who so kindly nominated me for this award. I’ve only been blogging since Spring this year so it’s lovely to have started to build such a mutually supportive community of fellow … Continue reading