Hot Oats

I just can’t leave well enough alone. Even the humble, hearty, simple flapjack isn’t safe from my compulsion to add a ring of heat to everything sweet that I make. I tried to keep it low key with this one: … Continue reading

Pink Peppercorn Candy Milk Brownies

For pretty much my entire baking career, I have been on the hunt for the perfect brownie. The one that turns out velvety, fudgy and dense, with that slight crust on top. I think, with this recipe, I have found … Continue reading

Hokey Pokey Chocolate Crunch

  There are days when only something dense and chocolately will satisfy. This recipe couldn’t be quicker or simpler and yet it is so moreish that, rich as it is, I can never stop at one piece! Hokey Pokey is … Continue reading