Happy Birthday Jonas!

A dear friend of mine – the husband of one of my most beloved girlfriends– recently had his 40th birthday.  He’s a real Iron Man – loves to run and mountain bike.  Being so incredibly fit, of course he needs … Continue reading

Plum & Ginger Cake

Deep purple and golden brown: aren’t they two of the most beautiful colours in the land at this time of year? I love the crackling reds, the slightly singed orange, the sombre yellows of autumn … but when I spot … Continue reading

Dark Chocolate Ginger Bundt Cake with White Chocolate Orange Cardamom Ganache

Gingerbread is one of those cakes that always underwhelms me no matter how good it is. Despite having tasted many fantastic home-baked and bought varieties, I would never choose a slice of gingerbread over something else. Until now. Take that … Continue reading

Apple, Walnut & Spice Tea Loaf

This loaf makes a lovely breakfast slice, especially when warmed slightly and spread with butter and/ or jam. It’s not an overly sweet cake (despite the large amount of sugar!) and the spices are a gentle echo to the apple. … Continue reading

Banana Chocolate Chip Loaf

  There are a couple of recipes that always take me back to my childhood. Both of these recipes came from a shabby old 1970’s publication of the Be-Ro baking book. My Mum and Gran both used this book to … Continue reading

Chocolate Caramel Layer Cake

  This might be the cake to end all cakes. Four layers of densely crumbed vanilla/ caramel/ chocolate flavoured sponges, layered with caramel and robed in a silky chocolate ganache. I’d definitely recommend this for a special occasion such as … Continue reading